Secondary Display Ves Compas

Manufacture: ves
Product code: CRC00NC-10 (Red), CRC00NC-40 (Gray), and CRC00NC-6

CRC00NC-10 (Red), CRC00NC-40 (Gray), and CRC00NC-60 (Black)
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Product information


• Full color 7-color (800 x 480 pixels) interface

• Copy information displayed at FACP

• Automatically adjust screen brightness

• Internal Vibrator

• Connection through the control panel network terminals

• Low current, DC 24 V power supply

• Configuration function

• Turn on the switch

• Steel case

• Optional surface or semi-flat cover available

Product overview

The Compas Network Vision Notification Kit is the most qualified reporter on the market. It is a colorful graphic display and touch screen. It represents the most versatile reporter for life secure systems available today. The announcer is a fully functional fire alarm repeater that is configurable and application flexible for use in applications such as hospital nursing stations and elevator alarms. The Compas network vision engine can be configured to replicate fully functional fire control panels, or to act as simple, device visibility only for applications where controlled fire alarm access is not suitable. well suited


- Supply voltage range 21-30V DC

- Current idle during power failure typical 216mA (buzzer o ff @ 24V DC) Typical 246mA (upper buzzer @ 24V DC) 341mA max (upper buzzer @ 21V DC)

- Maximum number of units on the network 31 people reporting

- Dimensions 9.25 19 x 6 x 10 x 19 (x 235 mm x 170 mm x 55 mm)

- Full color 800 x 480 LCD display with resistive touch screen and auto backlight dimming

- 18 SWG construction, 1.2 mm mild steel plate 2 x 20 mm top and bottom 4 x 20 mm and 2 x 28 mm cable inlets at rear

- Vision engine Electronic only S787

- Epoxy Coating Paint Red (RAL3002) Gray (BS 00 A 05) Black (RAL9005) Fascia Pantone 535 C

- Optional Semi-Flush Collar set KM1098RD

- Red KM1098GY

- Gray KM1098BS

- Black

- Maximum weight 4.4 lbs (2 kg)

- IP rating IP30

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