Vehicle Emergency Fire Tools ,Emergency Cart

Manufacture: Zenesis
Product code: Emergency Cart

Emergency Cart (Emergency Cart) includes mobile fire alarm and fire fighting equipment used for emergency purposes, mobile not fixed location
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Product information

Detailed description of the Emergency Fire Kit (Emergency Cart)

Xe Dụng Cụ Chữa Cháy Khẩn Cấp (Emergency Cart)

- Includes fire alarm system for fire accident or safety in infrequent and unknown places such as construction site or industry, fire cabinet for fire control in the first stage of emergency, emergency lighting and bulletin boards to post safety and work information. In particular, the wireless alarm for immediate evacuating workers makes field work safer by setting up an interlocking on-site emergency and fire alarm system with alarms above 120dB, detectors and wireless receiver. Also cabinets for storing fire extinguishers are waterproof and dustproof for outdoor use, and can store fire extinguishers in perfect condition. It can store up to 6.5kg of large fire extinguishers to control fires in the most effective way of initial handling. Integrated with existing distributed temporary fire extinguishing media in the cabinet, with the mobility to configure a complete disaster prevention system in any location.

Advantages of Emergency Cart (Emergency Cart)

- Interlocking wireless alarm

- 120dB alarm and LED timer

- Evacuation guidance system

- Backup power system

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