TX7331,Tanda Smart Graphics Repeater Panel

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: TX7331

Alarm LED display of individual devices or zones and groups
⭐Send audible alarms with panel control , Up to 256 alarm points can be displayed., Default information can be uploaded, Fully supervised with Self-Test function, Kit assembly with LED light, Cabinet is optional


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Product information

TX7331 intelligent graphic repeater control board is designed with built-in MCU processor, and it can fast-forward respond to audio and video signal output simultaneously. This repeater is also programmable to limit the display area All Zones to a specific zone or device. In addition, it can monitor and indicate groups and devices. The device is connected via the communication loop of the TX7004 Smart Panel to the unit and up to 254 units can be installed per loop. Repeat table can be used Whenever there is a need to relay information to multiple key employees. The units are compact in size and aesthetic with an unobtrusive design that will complement the modern building design. The unit is compatible with TX7004 Analogue Smart Fire Alarm Control Panel, manufactured by T&A manufacture, to avoid address compatibility problem.


TX7331,Bảng điều khiển lặp lại đồ họa thông minh Tanda

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