TX7625,Tanda Wireless Gateway TX7P

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: TX7625

The TX7625 wireless port is used to connect TNA 433MHZ wireless devices to the TX7002 and the TX7004 and TX7008
⭐ This port is connected in a loop with a fixed digital address and requires an additional power cable 24V. It can transmit the information of the wireless network terminal to the fire alarm control panel through the bus loop signal. Control panel fire alarms can also send reset, other control commands to wireless devices.


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Product information

• Wireless 433 MHz controller line to TX7 control board.

• Integrated high-performance microprocessor and digital address.

• The wireless signal of the terminal is converted a bus control signal.

• Aesthetic design.

Technical data sheet

TX7625,Cổng không dây Tanda TX7P

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