TX3251, Tanda NB-IoT Drive Module

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: TX3251

TX3251 Transport Module is designed to interface TX7004 series systemwith NB-IoT Platform through RS22 interface, It can transfer all kinds of events console to platform, such as fire, pre-alarm, action, monitoring and fault with fully detailed equipment, alarm time and location, with RS232 and RS485 input interface, It can also monitor any party equipment Tuesday. It supports alternative media such as cellular and ethernet if the IoT signal fails to reach the platform. This transmission module can be remote upgrade via web upgrade.


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Product information

• NB-Iot . transmission module

• Support RS232 and RS485 . interface

• Supports Ethernet and cellular back up transmission

• Remote maintenance and upgrade

• Software and hardware multi-stage filtering to improve anti-interference and anti-suppression capabilities.

TX3251, Module truyền động Tanda NB-IoT

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