TX3190-NB,Tanda NB-IoT Smoke Detector

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: TX3190-NB

NB-IoT Optical Smoke Alarm
⭐Low battery warning and LED status indicator , Test/Mute Button ,360 Degree Visual Indicator , Built-in Local Sound; Large 80 dBA at 3 meter alarm signal ,Aesthetic design and ease of use


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Product information

TX3190-NB NB-IoT battery operated Optical smoke alarm is the most suitable device for home use. When properly installed and maintained, it can transmit audio and LEDs only in the early stages of chipset to transmit real-time signal to the gate, widely used in home automation, Support noise cancellation and intelligent linear drift compensation. Innovatively designed units complement modern housing layouts.

TX3190-NB,Đầu báo động khói Tanda NB-IoT

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