TX3180-NB,Tanda nhiệt Heat Detector

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: TX3180-NB

TX3130-NB NB-IoT Battery Operated Dual Heat Alarm is best suited for home use , When properly installed and maintained, it can transmit sound and indicated LED during the start up phase of fire, With built-in NB-IoT communication chipset for real-time signal transmission to the gate, Widely used in home automation, store security and other safety monitoring. The unit is creatively designed to complement the modern housing layout.


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Product information

• Fixed NB-IoT and alarm heating rate

• Low battery warning and LED status indicator

• Test/mute button

• 360 degree visual indicator

• Integrated local audio; to 75 dBA alarm signal

• Aesthetic design and easy to install.


TX3180-NB,Đầu báo động nhiệt Tanda

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