TX3001M,Tanda Wireless fire alarm control panel

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: TX3001M

TX3001M is designed to provide early warning fire detection for home application TX3001M wireless microprocessor based home fire alarm controller offers flexibility in both design and operation


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Product information

- The dashboard will collect data up to 16 devices located around the site, including alarm and fault activity and other events, and send information. The TX3001M has two initiating circuits: the wireless communication can support up to 16 wireless devices, and the loop for 2 bus lines, the communication loops support up to 16 wired devices. The control panel is powered by 220 VAC and has battery backup. The dashboard has other features including an auto-dial function and Bluetooth technology. When activated, the dialer immediately starts calling numbers, delivering each message, matching a preselected number of dial attempts. The TX3001M has a bluetooth communication port that can be used to configure and program the computer control panel and can be connected to a phone app to collect information

• Wireless home fire alarm control panel with additional single-loop communication bus.

• GSM mobile application

• Supports Bluetooth technology for board programming.

• Integrated auto dial feature.

• Compact size and aesthetic design.

• Surface mount with fixed base for simple installation.

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