Throttle pressure regulator SRI type E, Pressure regulator

Manufacture: SRI
Product code: SRI type E

Including valves ⭐
✅ WRS121-GM-65BSP , WRS120-GM-65TE, WRS120-GM-65ANSI ⭐
✅ WRS120-GM-65PN16 , WRS120-GM-80ANSI
✅ aka pressurized pccc valve ⭐
✅ used for water supply flow system


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Product information


• Suitable for inlet pressure up to 20bar

• The outlet static pressure can be reduced 5 to 8bar

• Constant outlet pressure with inlet pressure range 7bar to 20bar

• Test pressure up to 30bar

• Minimum flow up to 1400L/M


Model Input size
WRS121-GM-65BSP Male BSP Thread 65mm
WRS120-GM-65TE BS 10 Table E Flange 65mm
WRS120-GM-65ANSI ANSI 150 Flange 65mm
WRS120-GM-65PN16 BS 4504 PN16 65mm
WRS120-GM-80ANSI ANSI 150 FF Flange 80mm


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