Throat Replenishment, Y FIRE ANGLE VALVE

Manufacture: Malaysia
Product code: Y FIRE ANGLE VALVE

- Throat water - Water supply pole -Shinyi fire hydrant - Fire hydrant - What is fire hydrant? - Wall water throat - 2-door fire fighting water throat D65 - Standard of water inlet throat


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Product information

1. Watering Throat,Y FIRE ANGLE Valve Other names for water intake throat: Outdoor fire hydrant,

2-way water intake throat,

3-way water intake throat, 2-way water intake throat,


- Size: DN100, DN150.

- Material: Cast iron

- Connection: Flange or threaded connection

- 12-month warranty period - Directly imported and distributed nationwide, with full CO and CQ certificates

2. Definition of Water Throat, Y FIRE ANGLE VALVE Is a specialized device of the fire protection system, used to supply water to the fire truck or directly supply water for fire fighting. The throat connected to the fire hydrant is usually located in a convenient circulation area to be ready to supply water in the event of a fire incident.

3. Types of watering throats, Y FIRE ANGLE VALVE for fire fighting: There are many different names such as: throat receiving water outside the house, throat receiving tank water, throat receiving DN65 water, throat receiving water fire trucks... a. Sort by Origin: - Chinese fire fighting water throat - The throat of Malaysia fire fighting water

- The throat receives water to cure Vietnamese vegetarian... b. Sort by water inlet - Type 2 doors or 2 lanes - Type 3 doors or 3 lanes - Type 4 doors or 4 lanes...

4. Basic technical parameters of fire hydrants In addition, you can refer to: Fire truck WATER CHAIN

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