TG7100,Tanda alarm broadcast controller

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: TG7100

Voice Alarm Device
⭐Self-Test Available ,Auto/Manual Mode ,Screen can be turned off automatically to eliminate back sound while microphone is used to play, When signal is received In emergency, the power amplifier can automatically adjust the sound to a preset position that is not controlled by the volume potentiometer, eliminating the influence of human operation, Automatically switching between main and Backup power,Upload failure,Over temperature protection,24VDC shutdown supply for local audio output module and line test module,Communication with TG7100 Broadcast Control Panel via RS485


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Product information

- The TG7300 series power amplifier is a new product designed and manufactured by TANDA and provides 150, 300, 500 Watts speaker power.


- Batteries require 3 VDC batteries (2 x 1.5 AA) - Standby power consumption 30 30A,

- Alarm: 100mA - NB-IoT Communication Device

- Single LED Indicator / Intuitive 360 Degree / Normal: Green LED every 75 seconds Alarm: Steady red LED Error: Yellow LED flash every 45 seconds

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