Tanda TN7300 address phone jack

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: TN7300

Two non-polarized wires for communication and talking
⭐ reduce the cost of electronics for wiring., Using electronic address., Jack socket TN7301 can be connected., Output port of power line The phone features open and short circuit testing.


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Product information

TN7300 Fire addressable telephone socket called Jack socket for, a port phone is installed and can detect the plug and hang an extension phone. It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, buildings, banks, warehouses, libraries, computer rooms and switching rooms. Jack Socket can form a system phone together with TN7000 Fire Control Panel Phone, TN7100 Addressable Handset, TN7101 Extension Phone and TN7301 Jack Socket.

Jack cắm điện thoại địa chỉ Tanda TN7300

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