Tanda Relay Module TN7200,Isolation Module

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: TN7200

Input and output isolation
⭐ power supply, improve communication quality and anti-interference ability. ,Non-polar 24VDC power input and telephone line input, convenient for installation, operation and maintenance in the elderly. ,Output bus short circuit protection feature


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Relay module TN7200 can form a telephone system together with TN7000 Telephone control panel, TN7100 Address Handset, Mobile Phone TN7101 Cell Phone, TN7300 Addressable Fire Telephone Socket and fire phone socket TN7301. Adding a relay at the end of the telephone bus can enhance communication distance and quality in on-site construction.


Module Rơ le Tanda TN7200,Mô đun cách ly

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