Single Rapidrop Nozzle Cap UL FM, Tyco Ty325

Manufacture: Rapidrop
Product code: Nozzle Cap UL FM

Rapidrop Single Nozzle Cap (Single Escutcheon) size 15mm (½") & 20mm (¾") - Provide Viking Nozzle, Viking Nozzle
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Product information

- Specifications of Rapidrop Single Nozzle Cover

- Dimensions 15mm (½") & 20 mm (¾")

- Pressed steel material

- Weight 35g

- Polished Chrome Finish, White (RAL9010), Glossy White, Special RAL Colors available on request

- Single-piece cap with center hole with latch that allows rosette to be pushed up or screwed up and down the sprinkler thread. Suitable for most 15mm (½") and 20mm (¾") standalone sprinklers.


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