Rapidrop Model 123 Open Mist Nozzle (VdS)

Manufacture: Rapidrop
Product code: Model 123

Model 123 Water Mist Nozzle - Rapidrop Open Mist Nozzle Model 123 (VdS) is a genuine Rapidrop open-head nozzle from the UK
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Detailed description of Rapidrop Model 123 Open Mist Head (VdS)

Đầu Phun Sương Hở Rapidrop Model 123 (VdS)

Rapidrop Model 123 glass ball nozzles are used as part of low pressure water misting systems in general fire prevention of buildings. Rapidrop Model 123 Open Mist Nozzles are used in the LH and OH1 classifications of such professions as offices, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, elderly homes, apartments, regional and reform homes, restoration house, etc.

Detailed specifications of Rapidrop Model 123 Open Mist Head (VdS)

✅ K : K16

✅ Nozzle type SE60W

✅ Downwards

✅ Minimum faucet pressure 3.8 bar Max 12 bar

✅ RTI value 19.96

✅ 100% water spray

✅ Droplet size DV0.9: 470 mm

✅ Flow at 5.5 bar 37 # 52 lpm

✅ Standard : Vds

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