Shinyi Fire Brigade, Fire Brigade Shinyi FHDF

Manufacture: Shinyi
Product code: FHDF

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Specifications of Fire Head, Shinyi FHDF

Product code: FHDF Size: DN100, DN125, DN150 Design standards: TCVN 3759, TCVN 6379

Working pressure: PN10/PN16 Working Temp-. -10° ~ 80°c Works used: Industrial systems, wastewater, clean water, fire protection, surface contaminated water Basic structure of the Fire Pillar, Shinyi FHDF

+ The body of the fire hydrant is cast with FCD450 Cast iron, coated with high-grade epoxy paint with a thickness to help prevent corrosion, increase the life of the fire hydrant, including the upper and lower body (the bulb is used to contain the valve leaf)

+ Valve leaves: spherical shape, cast in cast iron FCD450, they are covered with 100% EPDM rubber, the valve leaves are attached to the lower stem of the cylinder. suitable for clean water system

+ Cylinder: manufactured high-strength stainless steel, anti-rust.

+ Water intake and cylinder cover: manufactured FCD450 . cast iron

+ Pillar base: manufactured spherical cast iron, L-shaped, flange-type connection, the base is used to install underground to help support the pillar. How the Fire Brigade, Shinyi FHDF . works - When there is a need to use water for fire fighting, we open the water intake cover, connect the fire hose reel with the valve mount, then operate the handwheel in the open direction. The valve leaf then follows the valve stem up to help the water push up the faucet coil.

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