Shilla SLH-100B 4 inches fire hydrant

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SLH-100B

4" Shilla SLH-100B fire hydrant
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Product information

The Shilla SLH-100B 4” fire hydrant is the most common fire hydrant installed around a building and is designed to prevent pipe bending. The fire water flow flows smoothly to prevent damage to the hose. After use, internal drainage is quick, Internal fittings are designed to be free wear or damage, and are engineered to minimize corrosion by electrophoresis or epoxy resin coatings.

1) Tar epoxy coating for anti-corrosion inside cylinder

2) Electromagnetic coating treatment to prevent corrosion of iron parts such as rod materials

3) Internal metal parts such as couplings and valve caps form Stainless steel that does not corrode

Trụ cứu hoả 4” Shilla SLH-100B


Model H1 H2 H3 H4 H5
SLH-100B-A 1360 500 660 112 138
SLH-100B-B 1660 955
SLH-100B-C 1815 1115
SLH-100B-D 2115 1410
SLH-100B-E 2385 1680


Type Trụ 2 cửa, trụ khô, không đóng băng
Main conn KS 16K 100A RF Type or ANSI #150 4” FF Type
Faucet Two FE65 Male Thread, 15o하향구조
Pressure Working - 1.5 MPa , Strength of Body Test - 5.0 MPa
Structure Body - Cast Iron(GC200), Coupling - Bronze
Weight Approx. 71kg (SLH-100B-A, ANSI #150기준)
Paint Above - Red Enamel Finished (Option. Yellow), Under - Black Coaltar Coated
Note The discharge port is made to face the ground to prevent pressure drop or damage bending the hose.


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