Shilla Hydraulic Hose Head

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: Shilla Hydraulic

Shilla hydraulic hydrant head
✅ pccc equipment with pressure display
✅ supply for large-scale fire fighting system
✅ combination of fire sprinkler and fire hose
✅ effective fire extinguishing ability
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Product information

It is a large-scale fire hydrant, mainly used for factory equipment. Fire truck water supply valve or sprinkler gun can be installed, and it can use large capacity fire water. It is a structure that can replace the internal parts after dismantling only the top cover and cover even during installation. When used, the vibration of the fire water is minimized, and after use, the drainage of the fire water inside is done quickly. By improving the problems of the current fire hydrant that cannot be opened or closed, the opening and closing conditions can be checked at all times, and the discharge pressure can be known when opening. It is a fire fighting device that can be used safely. Patent number : 10-0878489

+ Pressure gauge opening and closing mode Shilla Hydraulic Hose Head

• Check open and close status before extinguishing.

• Prevents component damage due to improper operation prevention. The indicator axis is positioned at the OPEN and CLOSE indicator lines. Rotate in the direction with a wrench when mounting the faucet.

- Attention) Do not use in the middle position

+ Pressure gauge - Displays the pressure of the fire fighting water in the OPEN state. When opening by applying oil or internal pulse gauge

- Even for rapid pressure changes or vibrations You can answer while checking the exact current pressure. safe

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