Shilla fire hydrant 6 inches 4 wyas and 3 wyas

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: 6 inches 4 wyas and 3 wyas

Shilla 6” 4-door SLH-150D is a fire fighting unit used for construction or factory facilities
⭐, Has a 3 phase fire pump equipped with pump connector , water gun and mausoleum The sprayer can be installed for a long distance , After use, the internal drainage for extinguishing is done quickly, and the internal accessories are designed to not wear or damage. It is manufactured to minimize corrosion by electrode coating or epoxy resin coating.


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Trụ chữa cháy Shilla 6”4 cửa & 3-cửa


Model H1 H2 H3(GL) H4 H5
SLH-150D-B 1870 535 790 165 195
SLH-150D-C 2080 1000
SLH-150D-D 2380 21300


Type 4 cửa, trụ khô, không đóng băng
Main conn ANSI #150 6” RF Type
Nozzle Two FE65 Male Thread or Two ANSI #150 2-1/2” Flange
Gun One ANSI #150 4” Blind Flange End (Option. #300)
Pump One FE115 Male Thread (w/cap & chain) (Option. FE100 )
Pressure Working - 1.5 MPa , Strength of Body Test - 5.0 MPa
Structor Body - Cast Iron(GC200), Coupling - Bronze
Weight Approx. 241kg (SLH-150D-B, ANSI #150기준)
Paint Above - Red Enamel Finished (Option. Yellow), Under - Black Coaltar Coated
Remarks Option : I Type Base


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