Shilla 6 inches 4 ways fire hydrant SLH-150FG

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SLH-150FG

CATALOGUE fire hydrant
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✅ Outdoor fire hydrant
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Product information

Trụ chữa cháy Shilla 6” 4 cửa SLH-150FG


Model H1 H2 H3(GL) H4 H5
SLH-150FG-A 1962 500 860 182 264
SLH-150FG-B 2192 1090
SLH-150FG-C 2492 1390
SLH-150FG-D 2734 1630
SLH-150FG-E 2372 1270
SLH-150FG-F 2909 1810


Type 4-Door Pillar, Dry Bucket, No Freezing
Main Conn ANSI #150 6” FF Type (Option. #300)
Hose Conn Two FE65 Male Thread or Two ANSI #150 2-1/2” Flange
Monitor Conn One ANSI #150 4” Blind Flange End (Option. #300)
Pump Conn One FE115 Male Thread (w/cap & chain) (Option. FE100 )
Pressure Làm việc - 1.5 MPa , Strength of test thân - 5.0 MPa
Structure Thân - Cast Iron(GC200), Khớp - Đồng
Weight Approx. 359kg (SLH-150FG-B, ANSI #150기준)
Paint Above - Red Enamel Finished (Option. Yellow), Under - Black Coaltar Coated

1. Pressure gauge & Open/close indicator included.

3. The valve seat can be tested to open and close.

2. Parts can be replaced even during installation.

4. When open, discharge pressure can be checked.


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