Rapidrop Residential Nozzle RD208 UL FM

Manufacture: Rapidrop
Product code: rd208

RD208 : residential nozzle, Fast Response, K=4.9, 72°C (162°F) Cover plate: 60°C (140°F) UK Origin
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Product information

1. RD208 . Residential Nozzle Specifications

⭐K-factor 4.9

⭐Reaction : Quick response

⭐Maximum working pressure 12.1 bar (175 psi)

⭐Easy Links

⭐Nozzle rated temperature: 72°C (162°F) Cover plate: 60°C (140°F) Nozzle: 79°C (175°F) Cover plate: 72°C (162°F)

⭐Cardboard size diameter 68mm Diameter 83mm Square 68mm

⭐ Vertical Adjustment 12.8 mm (½") Finish White, Black, Chrome Custom colors and wood grain available on request

⭐ UL Listed Approvals


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2. Mô tả chi tiết Đầu Phun Khu Dân Cư RD208


Đầu Phun Rapidrop Khu Dân Cư RD208 ( UL,FM)


RD208 : flat concealed sprinkler Model RD208 are automatic nozzles of the compaction type welding. This is decorative and responsive. The heat-reactive element, etc., is in turn concealed above the ceiling. The cover plate has a flat profile, and its diameter is extremely small (2-5/8 inch, 68mm). The push and/or threaded, threaded design of the concealed plate assembly allows for easy mounting of the cover plate. The Model RD208 should therefore be your first choice when aesthetics are the primary consideration for ultimate appeal and outstanding performance is desired. Model RD208 is designed for residential areas and it is perfect for use in homes, hotels and other residences. Model RD208 will be used in wet pipe civil sprinkler systems for Single and Two Family Houses and Manufacturers per NFPA 13D; wet pipe civil sprinkler systems for residential occupations up to and including four height stories per NFPA 13R; or, wet pipe sprinkler systems for residential sections of any profession in each NFPA 13. Model RD208 has a K-factor of 4.9 (70.6 LPM/) to meet residential flow rates needed required with minimal residual pressure, allowing for smaller pipe sizes and water supply requirements. For extended installation flexibility, Model RD208 offers 1/2 inch (12.8mm) vertical adjustment. This adjustment in the setting reduces the need to precisely cut the pipe falling to the sprinkler and allows for a perfect fit over a wide range of pipe lengths. The heat sensitivity and water distribution design of the Model RD208 allows for increased occupants' ability to escape or evacuate in the event of a fire. However, a civil fire sprinkler system is not a substitute for awareness of fire safety or building fire safety according to building regulations. The Free Act is defined in the Drinking Water Lead Reduction Act (S.3874) endorsed by the Water Utilities Council of AWWA and California Assembly Bill # 1953 as having less than or equal to an average of 0 .25% lead on wetted surfaces of pipes, plumbing fittings and fixtures.

3. Advantages of Residential Nozzle RD208

+++ Easy to install Due to the protective cap's innovative design elements.

• The unique protective cap allows the tip to be installed without removing the cap, protecting the tip during the entire installation

• The tolerance limit to the ceiling is clearly marked on the protective cap and small bumps are added to the head so that it can be fastened with just the right tension.

• Can be installed with Cap on

• Cap has a custom opening for the socket to allow for seamless installation

+++ Save time

• Save the two steps of removing and then reinstalling the cap multiplied by the total number of sprinklers in the job.

• It doesn't take longer to secure the helmet to the head with masking tape.

• No more wasting time and money going back to the job site to secure flimsy hats if they fall off.

• Less time, less labor and less room for error equals more profit for the contractor.

+++Safety features

• Rapidrop sprinklers also offer a safety feature as the sprinkler deflector and delicate internals are protected the moment they are packaged in our manufacturing facility until they are finished. ready to be installed.


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