Rapidrop Nozzle RD102 , UL standard commercial FM

Manufacture: Rapidrop
Product code: RD102

Rapidrop Nozzle RD102-Standard UL,FM commercial - Fast Response, Factor K=5.6 - UK Origin
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heartSpecifications of Rapidrop Nozzle RD102 (LPCB,CE)

Coefficient: K 5.6

Response : Quick response

Maximum working pressure 12.1 bar (175 psi)

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Temperature rating 72°C (162°F)

Vertical adjustment 9.5mm (3/8")

Sprinkler and Ecutcheon Finish - White, Black, Chrome Custom colors available on request yes Approved LPCB, CE

Đầu Phun Rapidrop RD102 ( Tiêu chuẩn UL,FM thương mại)

heartDetailed description of Rapidrop Nozzle RD102 (LPCB,CE)

Rapidrop Model RD102 quick release sprinklers are automatic nozzles of the compaction type. Model RD102 has a K-factor K80 (K5.6) and is designed for commercial use in wet pipe sprinkler systems in accordance with BS EN 12845. The Model RD102's Flush design has an outlet pipe with Separable unit provides 9.5mm (3/8 inch) vertical adjustment reducing the precision with which the fixed pipe falling to the sprinklers must be cut to ensure a perfect installation.

Rapidrop Nozzles RD102 (LPCB,CE) are decorative, low profile, nozzles that mount flush with the Nozzle Frame and Cover hiding the Deflector and Gasket assemblies. When aesthetics are a primary consideration, the Model RD102 should be your first choice. Model RD102 has been designed with fast response time ratings and water distribution characteristics proven to help control fires to improve the chances of occupants escaping or being evacuated.


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Đầu Phun Rapidrop RD102 ( Tiêu chuẩn UL,FM thương mại)


heartAdvantages of Rapidrop Nozzle RD102 (LPCB,CE)

Easy to install Due to the protective cap's innovative design elements.

• The unique protective cap allows the tip to be installed without removing the cap, protecting the tip during the entire installation

• The tolerance limit for the ceiling is clearly marked on the protective cap and small bumps are added to the head so that it can be fastened with just the right tension

• Can be installed with Cap on

• Cap has a custom opening for the socket to allow for seamless installation

Save time

• Save the two steps of removing and then reinstalling the cover multiplied by the total number of sprinklers in the job

• No more tedious time-sanding securing the helmet to the head with duct tape

• No more wasting time and money going back to the job site to secure flimsy hats if they fall off

• Less time, less labor and less room for error equals more profit for the contractor

Safety Features

• Rapidrop sprinklers also offer a safety feature as the sprinkler deflector and delicate internals are protected the moment they are packaged in our manufacturing facility until they are finished. ready to be installed

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