Rapidrop Nozzle Protector Plate UL FM

Manufacture: Rapidrop
Product code: Protector Plate UL FM

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Product information

Basic parameters Nozzle Protector Plate (UL,FM)

Size : Suitable for 15mm(½) & 20mm(¾) nozzles Head Type Suitable for SSU . sprinkler heads Chrome plated steel wire material welded to the steel plate

Rapidrop Sprinkler Guard with Shield is used for sprinklers installed in areas exposed to high levels of mechanical activity, in multi-level fire protection systems to ensure proper operation. lower level sprinklers.

A guard surrounds the sprinkler head to protect it physical damage, and a shield protects the nozzle's heat-responsive element direct water jets neighboring sprinklers or water flowing a faucet sprinkler installed above, both can delay or prevent sprinkler working. Rapidrop Sprinkler Guard with Shield is used with 15mm (½) and 20 mm (¾) vertical spray heads.

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