Pressure compensating pump,Ebara vertical shaft pump EVMU* EVMUL* EVMUG

Manufacture: EBARA
Product code: EVMU*,EVMUL*,EVMUG

EVMU EVMUL EVMUG  Ebara vertical shaft fire fighting water pump
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Bơm bù áp,Bơm trục đứng Ebara EVMU EVMUL EVMUG


- Nozzle size: 1 1/4" to 4"

- Discharge head size: 1 1/4" to 4"

- HP capacity: up to 50 HP

- Flow: 390 GPM Pump head: up to 930 ft

- Liquid working environment: Clean water


- Boilers


- Filter

- Reverse osmosis

- Washing system

- Fire fighting

- Irrigation

- Increase pressure / water

- Hot water / cold water circulation

With an initial hydraulic coverage of up to 100 GPM and 800 feet TDH, EBARA's EVMU model is designed for hot water, filtration and booster applications. Advanced formed stainless steel and a number of proprietary internals make the EBARA EVMU model superior to existing designs. EVMU material is 50 to 100% thicker than all current similar products, for a truly industrial design with stainless steel flanges for maximum mounting support. EVMU models 32, 45 and 64 include hydraulic assemblies in cast iron or 304SS. Various mechanical seal options are available for the three models and incorporate a separate thrust in lieu of motor bearings, a common design feature. Models EVMU3-18, EVMUL 3-64 are listed by NSF/ANSI 61 Appendix G Specifications Suction Size: 1 1/4 to 4″ ANSI Discharge Size: 1 1/4 to 4″ ANSI HP Range: 1/2 to 50 HP Capacity: 4 to 390 GPM Head of Department: 27 to 930 Ft. Working pressure: up to 370 PSI (25 Bar). (see page technical section, page 813 for specific pressure information) Temperature: 5 to +248 F (-15 to 120 C) Liquid: clean water, hot water main function Standard NEMA engine Integrated thrust bearings over 3 HP and larger pumps - to handle axial loads Vents in the enclosure

- allow for proper ventilation, prevent air clogging and run dry Gasket - self-designed, floating design built to prevent swelling at high temperatures Tungsten lower pump bearings and sleeves

- standard construction for all services, providing maximum operating life Direct drive

- pump shaft and motor locked for reliable, positive power transfer without adjustment Flexible outer sheath

- allows thermal expansion in hot water applications, preventing deformation due to pressure fluctuations Anti-erosion measures

- a disc-shaped fitted to the medial housing is designed to promote smooth flow and contain areas of high velocities

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