Ebara vertical multistage impeller pump EVMS

Manufacture: EBARA
Product code: EVMS

EVMS is a series of Industrial Pumps Purpose: Water treatment, hot water pumps, washing pumps, refrigeration, industrial machine parts, boosters, food and beverage pumps, pharmaceutical industries, marine applications, pccc..
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Máy bơm Ebara đa tầng cánh trục đứng EVMS

+ Maximum operating range

- Magnetic flow: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 m3/h depending on model

- (Pressure / Liquid temperature) 16 bar or 25 bar / - 30 to +140°C

+ Construction materials: (bottom shell) EVMS (AISI 304), EVMSL (AISI 316), EVMSG (Cast)

+ Pipe connection: Flange

+ IE3 high efficiency motor above 0.75 hp, 50 Hz / 60Hz, Single phase / Three phase PTC is standard for 1.5 kW

Máy bơm Ebara đa tầng cánh trục đứng EVMS


- Booster pumps, sprinkler systems, fire pump systems (pumps), heat exchangers/fan heaters, air conditioning systems, heating systems

- Water treatment, booster pump, pump in irrigation, pump for agriculture Advantages Use for any pumping purpose, anywhere

• Compatible with most types of plumbing

• Easy maintenance and spare parts replacement

• 100% clean: Meets standards for use in drinking water, food industry DM174, ACS, KTW for EVMS

• Booster pressure booster for buildings Pressure booster for high rise building/hotel

• Sprinkler system

• Jumper pump fire fighting system

• Heat exchanger / fan heater

• Air conditioning system

• Acoustic heating system

Máy bơm Ebara đa tầng cánh trục đứng EVMS

Máy bơm Ebara đa tầng cánh trục đứng EVMS

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