Photoelectric smoke detector YSD-02

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YSD-02

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Product information

- Applying the principle of photoelectric sensing, when the fire breaks out and smoke enters the closed chamber of the smoke detector, the smoke particles cause infrared light reflection. When the unit receives a certain level of glow, the fire alarm will be activated. Color LEDs are built the main body for easy identification of the detector's status. The green light flashes every 15 seconds to indicate the detector is working properly, and the red light stays on continuously to indicate the fire alarm is activated. With the principle of photoelectric sensing, this type of detector is activated faster, more accurately and reliably, and there are no false alarms caused by chemicals, gas leaks or external light.

-Multi-use and durable, easy maintenance. Clean the interior by removing the exterior case.

-Due color LEDs separate display for easy and quick identification of detector status.

-Using 0.5mm diameter insect net to prevent insects and dust entering, as well as make the smoke flow smoothly.

- Non-polarized wire connection to avoid wire error.

Model : YSD-02 Monitoring light: Green LED (Blink every 15 seconds)
Rated voltage: DC 24V
Working voltage: PCB to 30V Working temperature: -10 ~ 50
Current Monitoring: DC24V / 30 ~ 80 AA Working Humidity: 0~95%
Alarm Current: 25mA Outer shell: Flame retardant plastic
Standby time (when on): 15 seconds Weight approx. 133g
Alarm light: Red LED Color: Creamy white

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