Panasonic Anolog addressable fire alarm control panel, EBL128 system

Manufacture: Panasonic
Product code: EBL128

The EBL128 is an analog addressable fire alarm system that meets EN54-2 (Control and indication equipment) and EN54-4 (Power supply),The control unit has a loop and with each CIE can connect concatenates 255 loop address units. ,The system can be remotely monitored and operated securely and is also very easily connected to building management systems, all through an optional WEB server. ,For very easy configuration of both the fire alarm system and the external controls, such as fire doors, fans, escalators,


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Product information

Features EBL128, an intelligent analog addressable fire alarm system with up to 255 addresses. Supports automatic addressing to simplify operation.

Tủ trung tâm báo cháy địa chỉ Anolog Panasonic, Hệ thống EBL128

- Enter Number of Years - 4550: EBL128 c.i.e. (255 addresses)

- 4552: RS485 transceiver component, for up to four display units, i.e. external fire brigade control panel 1826/1828, external presentation unit 1728 and/or alarm unit 1735/ 1736. Expansion board - 4580: 8 zones. (8 zone line inputs for conventional detectors).

- Expansion board 4581: 8 relays (8 programmable relay outputs).

- 4551: Expansion board holder. (For four 4580 expansion boards or four 4581.)

- 5089: Connection cables for up to six expansion boards (4580-4583)

- 1598: Web server to connect the fire alarm system to the local network or the internet.

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