Panasonic 4400I Smoke Combination Heat Detector

Manufacture: Panasonic
Product code: 4400I

Specifications : ⭐Operating temperature: - 10 to +50
° C , Ambient humidity: <95% , Dimensions: Ø102x41 mm , Weight: 76 g , red led


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Product information

1. Features

- Modern detectors for the highest safety

- Detect by combination of smoke and heat

- Built-in short circuit isolator

- Supports automatic addressing

- Nuisance alarms reduced by up to 46% using AI

- A learning function will ensure that the most suitable fire alarm algorithm is always used

- Installation date and automatic service signal Tested and approved according to EN54-5, EN54-7, EN54-17 and EN54-29

- Approved VdS: G217086 - CPR: 0786-CPR-21553 2.


- Operating temperature:

- 10 to +50 °C

- Ambient humidity: <95%

- Dimensions: 102x41 mm

- Weight: 76g - red led

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