Nitrogen System IG55 IG100

Manufacture: BATTATI
Product code: IG55, IG100

Nitrogen System IG55 IG100 Nitrogen fire-fighting system known as nitrogen chemical formula is N2, is an inert gas fire extinguishing systems used in fire extinguishing systems contained.


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Scientific name: Nitrogen
Trade name: Nitrogen Agent
Chemical formula: N2
N2 gas volume: 45kg / bottle
Working pressure: 150 bar
Pressure forces testing: 250 bar
N2 is a colorless, odorless, non-conductive gas with a density close to air. N2 gas is stored under liquid pressure under high pressure, 1 kg of liquid N2 when sprayed out of the air forms about 0.56m3 of free air at 30 ° C.
N2 gas extinguishes the fire by isolating O2 and combustion, at 98% of N2, most of the fires on the surface are completely extinguished. However, for some special materials it is necessary to consider before calculating and designing. For some applications, the cooling of the N2 gas as well as the extinguishant also aid in extinguishing the fire quickly.
N2 creates mist when sprayed.
N2 affects human health.
N2 gas is used to extinguish group A and B fires. For Group C fires, however, use caution, as in some cases potential dangers may occur. explosion. N2 fire application for areas:
Computer Room - Computer Installations
Transformer Rooms
Switchboards - Switchboards
Archives - Archives
Generators - Generators
Military bases - Military Installations
Factory - Plant Rooms
Industrial Factory - Industrial Plant
Flammable Liquid Stores
Petrochemical Installations.
Control Center - Control Rooms.
Mechanic - Motor Rooms
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Nitrogen System IG55 IG100

The N2 gas tank consists of a bottleneck valve and an electromagnetic valve and is loaded with N2 gas with a standard weight of 45kg. The system consists of one or more gas cylinders, depending on the requirements of the design area.
The central control system consists of two main functions: manual fire-fighting or automatic fire-extinguishing, and a spare dry-battery kit capable of self-maintaining the system for at least 12VDC. Now when the main power is off, the input voltage is 220VAC-50Hz 24VDC output voltage.
Flashlights, 12VDC alarm sirens are attached to the fire extinguishing center or installed above the main door in accordance with the detection range with the system fault alarm function and fire alarm 1.
Ion / Photoelectric smoke detectors, heat detectors, or fixed heaters are installed on ceilings and underneath the technical floor in a cross-over manner and are connected to the firebox box.
Self-discharging or manual fire extinguishers are available in the emergency and are located outside the room and are conveniently located at 1250mm height.
N2 fire extinguishers are installed on the ASTM A106 SH80 air duct system to the locations where N2 gas is sprayed to ensure that the air is sprayed uniformly and in accordance with the particular architecture of the building.
Fire alarms, warning lights, fire-extinguishing systems are prohibited to be installed above the main doors when the fire alarm system 2 and start fire extinguishers.
4.8. Signal cable is an insulating sheath, an anti-interference material with a minimum conductor cross section of 1.5mm.

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