80L 90L IG100 inert gas fire suppression system

Manufacture: Xingjin
Product code: 80L 90L IG100 inert

Cylinder volume:80L, 90L
✔️ Capacity:14.25kg, 16.04kg , Extinguishing Model: Flooded Enclosed , Agent:IG100 (100% Pressurized Nitrogen), Working Prussure:15MPaColor: Red ,Brand:Xingjin , Certifications:CAL, CMA, CNAS, ILAC-MRA, CCC, Model Number:QMH15/80, QMH15/90


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Product information


- IG100 uses 100% pressurized nitrogen, occupying 78% of the atmosphere, as a fire extinguishing agent. Its ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP) are zero. Zero atmospheric retention time without any adverse effect on the environment. It fully integrates the design idea of the new age fire extinguishing system, so that the product has effective fire fighting and environmental protection functions.

- Features of IG100: protect the ecological environment of the earth, safety and hygiene, do not obstruct the view, do not stain due to fire extinguishing agent, durable in fire fighting effect. Nitrogen can be separated the air and produced cheaply a variety of sources.

STT Descriptions Specifications
1 Pressure 15Mpa
2 Model QMD15 / 80 QMD15 / 90
3 Capacity 80Ltr 90Ltr
4 Mass of gas 14,25kg 16,04kg
5 Normal meridian Φ279mm Φ325mm
6 Height 1578 +73 mm 1345 +60 mm
7 Activation time ≤10 second
8 Fill rate 0,178kg / L
9 Activation Source DC24V / 1.6A

Equipment nitrogen pressure

6,0 ± 1,0Mpa (20 ℃ )
11 Temperature  0 ~ 50 ℃
12 Maximum pressure 17,2Mpa
13 Minimum pressure 13,6Mpa


    Computer room, telecommunications room, transformer room, power switching and distribution room, generator room, filter tank, drying equipment, paint booth, electrical tool room, control center, library, warehouse archives, treasures of cultural relics, etc.


- Compared with the traditional 15MPa system, the number of extinguishers can be saved 25% -50%.

- The construction area between the pillars is effectively reduced, while improving the occupancy rate and overall use of the building.

- 6MPa continuous low pressure release can reduce the cost of pipes and pipe fittings.

- 6MPa continuous release pressure provides more effective and lasting pressure, and the transmission distance can reach 200 meters.

- The release of the entire system with low pressure can only have less impact on site personnel, equipment and building structures and more safety.

- The external constant pressure reducer can only bear the pressure when the system is spraying, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance, and effectively reduces the failure rate of the system.

- After injection, the system does not need to replace any parts, simple disassembly and secondary filling, the system can be quickly put operation.

- The open area of ​​the pressure reducing device is reduced. The input cost of the pressure reducing device is directly reduced, and the safety lock is simpler to install and arrange.

- Nitrogen Fire Extinguishing System (IG-100) can be widely used for quick response to fire, protection of personnel on construction site, unexpected fire, critical places sensitive to chemical reactions and effectively protect the safety of people and property.

System Diagram

Hệ thống ngăn chặn đám cháy bằng khí trơ IG100 dung tích 80L 90L

Hệ thống ngăn chặn đám cháy bằng khí trơ IG100 dung tích 80L 90L

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