NB-IoT1 platform fire alarm system monitoring software

Manufacture: Tanda
Product code: NB-IoT1

In the event of a fire, the detector activates an audible headset and a light alarm, and sends an alarm signal to the Fire IoT platform Fire information goes through phone, SMS and app
⭐  Up to five contacts are available.


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Descriptionn NB-IoT1 platform fire alarm system monitoring software

When a fire alarm occurs, the platform sends an SMS message and broadcasts the notification voice to the relevant contacts simultaneously. The platform has a built in API interface, which can be interoperable with other existing platforms. (eg.) Through the platform, relevant people of the fire brigade, civil defense, maintenance personnel, etc. Can promptly contact the owner to confirm the fire situation. The system can support emergency isolation and maintenance alarms, and communicate alarms to different destinations/recipients, based on alarm type, for appropriate handling.

Specifications NB-IoT1 platform fire alarm system monitoring software

• Real-time fire monitoring and control alarm system

• Display location information of each project in text and on the map; device status in project

• Provide custom visual analysis reports and data statistics

• Map function showing 24/7 of all project location and equipment status.

• Real-time and intelligent sharing information with phone APP

• Action and feedback reminders

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