Naffco dry fire hydrant UL FM standard

Manufacture: Naffco
Product code: fire hydrant UL FM

Naffco dry fire hydrants are used to install and supply off-road water for fire protection systems
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UL/FM Standard Naffco Dry hydrant : Dry barrel design eliminates damage to the hose due to freezing of the top. The NAFFCO fire hose is designed for high performance and ease of installation, maintenance and repair. Excellent and proven flow characteristics. 2 x 2½ NH threaded connector for hose connection. 1 x 4½ Connecting the “NH” pumper for the fire truck. 6 Inlet connections comply with ANSI / AWWA C111 / A21.11 mechanical joints or ASME B16.5 Class 150 flange connections. The active thread is corrosion protected and for easy operation. High pressure NAFFCO fire hydrants rated to 250 psi are compatible with current trends. The internal epoxy coating system provides high corrosion resistance to the faucet. Advanced safety coupling and flange design reduce traffic damage to the faucet. The main valve can be easily removed the bonnet flange or line flange Structure and technical characteristics of Naffco dry fire hydrant Design features Body Material: Ductile Iron. Nominal pressure 250 psi., Test pressure: 500 psi. O-ring sealing flanges at the bonnet and shoe ground lines simplify maintenance by eliminating gasket adhesion at these points, making disassembly easier. O-rings are easier than flat spacers to position during reassembly and provide superior pressure handling. Hold-down nut - built-in weather stamp feature. Prevent unauthorized removal of the retaining nut or the operating nut. Elastic wiper seal prevents water ingress and protects freezing; The material resists sunlight attenuation. The O-ring provides a second level seal. Safety Flange - breaks clean to help prevent barrel damage, but strong enough to withstand normal handling. Allows for economical repairs, adding extensions, rotating or changing upper crates without digging. Full flow opening - large radius nozzle, smooth and pumper opening reduces friction loss


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