Multron PH-SQS 100VS 2 ways water dispenserr

Manufacture: Multron
Product code: PH-SQS 100VS

Multron PH-SQS 100VS 2-door water pole (Vietnamese standard)
⭐  commonly used, and connects to water sources around the perimeter of buildings or sidewalks , In case of emergency, the rescue team fire or firefighting , The engine can draw water the sprinkler poles to fight any surrounding fires at the roadside or nearby buildings


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Product information

- Connection of valves is specially designed in accordance with typical Vietnamese Standards.

- Our product range is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 . quality

Trụ tiếp nước 2 cửa Multron PH-SQS 100VS(tiêu chuẩn Việt Nam)


Model PH-SQS 100VS
Body structure Cast Iron BS 1452 (Red Painted)
Fire hydrant Copper alloy body with Alu. Alloy Connection (Vietnam Standard)
Input size Ø4” (DN 100mm) to Table E, BS 10 - Flange
Output connection 2 x Ø2½” water valve in Alu. Alloy Connection (Vietnam Standard)
Test pressure 15 bar
Working pressure 10 bar
Weight 25.5 kg


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