IRCS Integrated Remote Control System

Product code: IRCS

The IRCS remote control integrated device is a smart device, used for some types of remote control profiretek firearms.


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Effectively protects and monitors multiple designated locations or a remote central station

Comprises master control touch panel, communication cable, wire hub and terminal board

Efficiently controls up to 16 monitors with an easy-to-use operating touch interface

Offers alarm sensor with temperature deviation during activation

Achieve more focused cost control and realize on-time delivery and installation

Provides a tailored and scalable system to your specific requirements

Provides build-in safety redundancy and reliability through back-up communications

Delivers maximum performance and reliability whilst maintaining required project budget

Provides flexible power supply options to accommodate the needs for most regions

IRCS Integrated Remote Control System

IRCS Integrated Remote Control System


Style: IRCS
Product Name: Integrated Remote Control System
Control: Electric
Compatible Products: 933, 935, 955, 960


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