Accessories 933 935 955 960

Product code: 933 935 955 960

Fire gun accessories 933 935 955 960 are used for fire extinguisher sets manufactured by protekfire, which are equipped to control fire guns.


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Protek Wireless Remote Control Monitors are compatible with a wide selection of optional accessories which broadens the application of your monitors. These include:

3" or 4" Flange for Style 933

2.5" or 3" Electric Valve

Touch Screen Control Panel provides monitor position display and functional pad display

Wire or Wireless Joystick Control

Integrated AC-110V or AC-220V is a power converter installed in the control module

DC Power Supply is designed to stabilize transmission when the monitor is stationed in an outdoor operating environment

Terminal Board is an alternative control device used to connect to your own control setup

Accessories 933 935 955 960


Style: Accessories
Product Name: 933, 935, 955, 960 Accessories


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