Indoor fire hydrant

Manufacture: CHfire
Product code: Indoor fire

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:CHFIRE Model Number:CH07-51 fire hydrant valve Product name:2.5 inch indoor fire hydrant valve Model:SNZ65 Material:Ductile Cast Iron or Brass Color:Red or Brassy Finish:Powder coating / Painting Application:Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue Temperature:Normal Temperature Service:OEM or ODM

Certificate:CCC,ISO ,WSF


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Specification of  Indoor fire hydrant

Fire Hydrant is a connecting piece with valve installed on the fire control piping network in the buildings to supply water to fire scene. It is a kind of indoor fixed fire control unit equipped in the plants, warehouses, high-rise buildings and public buildings, as well as vessels, etc. , to fight fire in the buildings. It is normally installed inside the fire hydrant case to be used with fire control water band and water gun. 

Structural mode and specification of Used fire hydrants:

1. Single valve with single hydrant for indoor (SN50, SN65)

2. Double valves with double hydrants for indoor (SNSS6I)

3. Rotary indoor fire hydrant (SNZ65)

4. Pressure reducing and stabilizing fire hydrant (SNW65-I)

5. Rotary pressure reducing and stabilizing fire hydrant (SNZW65-I)

All the fire hydrants meet the GB3445-2005 international standard for indoor fire hydrant

Apply material: clean water, foam admixture liquids

Model Nominal Diameter (mm) Nominal Working Pressure (Mpa) Outlet  Adjustable Height f≥
SN50 50 1.6 50 17
SN65 65 1.6 65 22
SN65-50 65 1.6 50 17
SN80-65 80 1.6 65 27
SNSS80-65 80 1.6 65 27


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