Hfc-227ea FM200 automatic cabinet type fire extinguisher

Manufacture: Xingjin
Product code: Hfc-227ea FM200

Area management: 1 zone ✔️
✅ start up : Fully automatic ✔️
✅ Power: DC24V / 1.6A ✔️
✅ Extinguish model : full stamping ✔️
✅ capacity : 0L, 70L, 90L, 100L, 120L , 150L, 180LTest standard:GB25972-2010 , Agent capacity:38kg, 66.5kg, 85.5kg, 95kg, 114kg, 142.5kg, 171kg , Work pressure: 2.5Mpa , Brand: xingjin , Certification: CAL, CMA, CNAS, ILAC-MRA, CCC


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Product information


  FM200 cabinet fire extinguishing system is a pre-set and stand-alone fire extinguishing system that does not distribute the pipeline network. It is placed directly in the protected area to put out the fire. Its features are easy installation, convenient to move, fast operation and beautiful appearance. The system is suitable for small fire protection areas, and for already built buildings that require an additional fire suppression system.


No Description Parameter
1 Capacity 40Ltr, 70Ltr, 90Ltr, 100Ltr,
120Ltr, 150Ltr, 180Ltr
2 Paradigm GQQ40 / 2.5, GQQ70 / 2.5, GQQ90 / 2.5, GQQ100 / 2.5, GQQ120 / 2.5, GQQ150 / 2.5, GQQ180 / 2.5
3 Full pressure 2,5Mpa
4 Maximum fill rate 0,95kg / L
5 Spray start time ≤10 second
6 Working pressure 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
7 Maximum working pressure 4,2Mpa
8 Pressure release 5,6 ± 0,28Mpa
9 Fire fighting area ≤500m²
10 Fire fighting volume ≤1600m³
11 Start up

Automatic or manual start


Cabinet size

Model Size (mm) Volume (cbm) Net weight / kg)
GQQ40 / 2,5 500 × 450 × 1450 0,326 33
GQQ70 / 2,5 500 × 450 × 1450 0,326 43-50
GQQ90 / 2,5 500 × 450 × 1650 0,371 43-50 (46)
GQQ100 / 2,5 500 × 450 × 1650 0,371 55-64 (54)
GQQ120 / 2,5 550 × 550 × 1900 0,575 60-73 (60)
GQQ150 / 2,5 550 × 550 × 1900 0,575 80
GQQ180 / 2,5 600 × 550 × 2150 0,71 80


   Electronic computer rooms, data processing centers, telecommunications facilities, process control, expensive medical equipment, industrial equipment, libraries, museums and art galleries, clean rooms, emergency power supply facilities, flammable liquid storage areas, etc. Places prone to fire such as spray paint production lines, old electrical equipment, rolling mills, printers, oil switches, oil-immersed transformers, molten impregnated tanks, storage tanks, large generators, drying equipment , production process of crushed coal cement, engine room, cargo hold, etc.

Competitive advantage:

   fm200 cabinet system: large area management, simple integration, direct spray effect in the protected area, effective fire suppression. 1. Effective fire fighting in a relatively small area 2. Simple equipment assembly without piping 3. No extra space to store the device Composed: The fm200 cabinet style fire suppression system is easy to install as it has a few components. A system is usually divided two parts, one is the fire equipment part, the other is the electrical elements part. Since there is only an introduction to the electrical part, the following words refer only to the fire equipment part. The fm200 cabinet type fire extinguishing equipment consists of fm200 refrigerant, fm200 cylinder, tank valve, hose, liquid flow check valve, nozzle and cabinet cover. Rules of work: This system is fully used to extinguish the fire. A fire occurred. The somke or heat detector catches something else and sends a signal to the control panel. After receiving the signal, the control panel will trigger an alarm to alert everyone that there may be a fire and to get out of the building quickly. Only when both the smoke and heat detector signals are received, does the control panel activate the fire suppression system.

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