Fire cabinet 150L FM200 type

Manufacture: Xingjin
Product code: 150L FM200 type

Capacity:40L, 70L, 90L, 100L, 120L, 150L, 180L
✔️ Capacity of gas:38kg, 66.5kg, 85.5kg, 95kg, 114kg, 142.5kg, 171kg , Extinguish model : spillage , fire fighting type : Hfc-227ea (FM200) , Working pressure: 4.2MPa / 5.6MPa , Color: Red ,Activation time: ≤10 seconds , Power: DC24V / 1.6A ,Start mode : Automatic, , Electrical manual, , Mechanical emergency manual , Product name: Fm200 fire extinguishing system


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Product information

FM200 automatic fireproof cabinet type device with empty cylinder 150L
HFC-227ea (FM200) clean agent automatic fire suppression system is widely used in China and all over the world. Its strongest point is that this system meets the requirements of environmental protection of the world. It won't hurt the ozone layer even by 1% chance. Other strengths such as cleaning agent, odorless and colorless, easy installation, etc. make it the best alternative to halon 1301 in everyone's heart. The Fm200 gas fire suppression system works more efficiently when equipped with electrical elements. Besides, this system requires a small storage room outside but next to the protected area. It saves places. This system also makes a difference thanks to its fast paint spraying time of less than 10 seconds.


No Descripiptions System 4.2Mpa System 5.6Mpa
1 Capacity 40Ltr, 70Ltr, 100Ltr, 120Ltr, 150Ltr, 180Ltr 70Ltr, 90Ltr, 120Ltr
2 Device model QMP40 / 4.2, QMP70 / 4.2, QMP100 / 4.2, QMP120 / 4.2, QMP150 / 4.2, QMP180 / 4.2 QMP70 / 5.6, QMP90 / 5.6, QMP120 / 5.6
3 Full pressure 4,2Mpa 5,6Mpa
4 Maximum filling rate 0,95kg / L 1,08kg / L
5 Activation time ≤10 giây
6 Activation Source DC24V / 1.6A
7 Nitrogen gas pressure 6,0 ± 1,0Mpa
8 Working Temperature Temperature: -10 ~ 50 Relative humidity: 97%
9 Area of protected area ≤800m²
10 Protection volume ≤3600m³

The components

The fm200 pipe network type fire extinguishing system actually consists of three parts: The electrical elements are a set of detectors and it always plays a secondary role in each system. The electrical elements include: some control panels, some manual control buttons, some discharge lights, some alarms, some sound and light devices, some smoke detectors and some smoke detectors. Heat detectors. Pipe network part, fire fighting equipment part and electrical element. Here will explain the last two parts to the customer. The main part of the system is the fire fighting equipment. It is formed by several components: fm200 cylinder, cylinder frame, nitrogen pressure actuator, actuator frame, container valve, hose, liquid flow check valve, gas control pipe , air flow check valve, manifold, safety valve, selector valve, flange, elbow and nozzle.

Tủ chữa cháy 150L loại FM200

Tủ chữa cháy 150L loại FM200


• Computer room, communication room, power distribution room, library, archives, museum, ...

• Use for electrical fires, liquid fires, solid fires, gas fires that can be cut gas source before extinguishing, etc.





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