Foam Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System

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Foam fire fighting system is used to fight fires of petroleum, flammable chemicals, flammable solvents....


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Foam fire extinguishing system - Sprinkler when activated, will spray a type of foam covering the surface of gasoline, separating the flammable liquid the air and fire, thereby extinguishing the fire. Due to its effective nature and also because it reduces the amount of water required, the Foam system is now widely used. Reducing the amount of extinguishing agent needed to extinguish the fire, which means minimizing damage to equipment and utensils, and reducing environmental pollution caused by water spray, especially in places where hazardous substances are contained. For high expansion foam, there is almost no damage to the goods, and in a short time, the whole warehouse is back to normal. Foam systems are applied where there is a particularly high risk of fire and explosion, and have been carefully selected, requiring appropriate equipment such as foam concentrates, foam mixing systems, foaming devices, and effective coordination between those parts in a fire fighting system. Foam concentrate is an antagonist to gasoline. Although it shares the same standards, however, each type of foam – protein and Fluoroprotein – has its own characteristics, suitable or less suitable application for each specific site. Foam mixing systems can be either “balanced pressure” or “inline”. The foam nozzle can be a sprinkler, spray, nozzle, monitor, foam pourer, or high expansion foam generator, depending on the Foam system used.

The Foam - Sprinkler fire suppression system is a fixed gas-powder fire suppression system that ensures high efficiency with equipment:


Hệ thống chữa cháy Foam - Sprinkler

How does the Foam - Sprinkler fire suppression system work?

When there is a fire, the central control system will alert the fire by sounding the horn. At this time, the staff on duty can identify the fire area. When the temperature in the fire area is about 60-800C, the sprinkler head breaks, water sprays out, the system pressure decreases, the pump automatically activates to supply water to the compound tank. When the water passes through the pipeline (the signal will notify the fire alarm cabinet), the solenoid valve will open, a part of the water will enter the Foam tank to create pressure with the foam storage cabinet inside the tank and this pressure will push the foam out. out in the direction of the nozzle. Due to the high surface tension of the foam, the fireproof coating is quite durable, helping to isolate the burning object and not cause the fire to return.

1. Foam Sprinkler . Control Valve

The FOAM FCVB control valve can be applied as a local forair foam system using an open-type nozzle, wet end or air bubble head for hazardous material storage or special industrial facilities such as fuel tanks. raw materials, chemical plants, parking lots, etc.

Hệ thống chữa cháy Foam - Sprinkler

2. Foam mixer Is for fixed air bubble extinguishing system. In the event of a fire, pressurized water the pump will travel along the inside of the air bubble mixer. The water will maintain a pressure balance between the inlet and outlet, and the foam liquid will be absorbed the water while it passes through the orifice. The mixture of water and liquid will be sent to the head.

a . The FFP type foam mixer is installed with the FFT foam liquid tank. The liquid mixing ratio is determined by the pressure ratio method. b. FFP-type foam mixers use synthetic surfactants or light aerosol liquids. It comes in a standard 3% or 6% liquid mix.

3. Foam nozzle Gear and Level Type have fixed display, independent of capacity and function. Vertical nozzles can be used with water jets or foam nozzles depending on the type of liquid.

4. Foam tanks (Foam tanks) is a liquid storage tank, with the function of balancing the pressure of the system, designed according to the needs of customers. Dong Nam Fire Fighting Company is the most prestigious importer, consultant & installer of Foam - Sprinkler fire fighting system on the market today in terms of price and product quality. If you need advice & installation, please contact the hotline: 0917 911 114 or you can refer to other gas fire fighting systems here.





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