Foam Fire Extinguising System

Manufacture: Newage
Product code: Foam AFFF 3%

Foam fire extinguishers are used to fire petroleum depots, flammable chemicals, flammable solvents ....


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For years, Foam Fire Extinguising System has been used as a fire-extinguishing medium for flammable and combustible liquids. Unlike other extinguishing agents - water, dry chemical, CO2, etc., a stable aqueous foam can extinguish a flammable or combustible liquid fire by the combined mechanisms of cooling, separating the flame/ignition source the product surface, suppressing vapors and smothering. It can also secure for extended periods of time against reflash  or reignition.

Foam Fire Extinguising System

Water, if used on a standard hydrocarbon fuel, is heavier than most of those liquids and if applied directly to the fuel surface, will sink to the bottom having little or no effect on extinguishment or vapor suppression. If the liquid fuel heats above 212ºF, the water may boil below the fuel surface throwing the fuel out of the contained area and spreading the fire. For this reason, foam is the primary fire-extinguishing agent for all potential hazards or areas where flammable liquids are transported, processed, stored or used as an energy source.

Foam Fire Extinguising System

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