Fixed temperature detector ,Yun Yang mechanical fire detector YDT-S01

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YDT-S01

Fixed Temperature Detector ⭐ Yun Yang Mechanical Fire Detector YDT-S01, Rated Temperature: 70°C , Voltage/Current Rate: DC24V25mA , Ambient Temperature: 0
℃ ~ +50
℃ , Degree relative humidity: 0 ~ 95% ,Material: Flame retardant plastic (compliant with UL94V-0 ), 12 months warranty


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Product information

Main function

Working principle

When the ambient temperature rises to the preset temperature, the double-sided metal of the sensor flips and conducts electricity due to the difference in the coefficient of expansion. Once activated, a signal is sent to the fire alarm control panel to complete the fire detection process.

Featured The detector uses a UL certified fixed temperature sensor that has passed quality control and repeatable testing for stable and reliable detection of fires.

- Dual light guides make alarms visible any angle

- A common base makes the installation very convenient

- Sealed design prevents dust and moisture entering and affecting functionality

- Suitable for places with high temperatures or rapid temperature changes, such as kitchens or restaurants

Specifications - Rated temperature: 70°C

- Trigger temperature: Rated temperature × 125% Activate within 120 seconds

- Voltage/current speed: DC24V25mA - Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95%

- Ambient temperature: 0 ~ +50

- Material: Flame retardant plastic (compliant with UL94V-0 )

- Dimensions: 100.92 × 41.3 (H) mm

Height the ground Structrure 1  type
< 4 m Fireproof material 60m2
Synthetic materials 30m2
> 4 m < 8 m Fireproof material 30m2
Synthetic materials 15m2

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