Fire alarm panel Yun Yang YF-1

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YF-1

YF-1 :
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Product information

Two-stage accumulation function Circuit detection requires a cumulative period to reset the probe and a second cumulative phase detection, thus reducing the possibility of false alarms due to interference common circuits and improving reliability of the Central Control Unit.

- Backup battery protection system During a power failure, if the backup battery has discharged below DC18V, it will automatically stop discharging, thereby increasing battery life.

- Quality control The control panel switches and all base board components of this unit are CNS and CE certified. All units must pass rigorous quality checks before leaving the factory, ensuring that each unit will perform as expected.

- User-friendly design All circuit boards use a modular design; The external lines are also decoupled the terminal board, with protections implemented at the input. If the faulty power supply connected to the circuit board causes the fault, only the affected circuit board can be exchanged without disconnecting the external lines, thus greatly improving the maintenance and inspection efficiency.

- External design: The circuit screen of this unit uses high-grade heat-resistant plastic, making its appearance ready and elegant. With circuits supplemented with signage, it makes all information regarding buildings, floors and circuit properties clear at a glance.

- Other applications:

- This central control can also be combined a 3-in-1 system with our Transmitter and Emergency Telephone Unit, creating a system that both looks and works like a unity , while enhancing the beauty of topical use.

Characteristics Advantage


Automatic test function To automatically scan and test internal circuits To enhance operational efficiency and save time and labor
Accumulation function To enhance reliability and reduce reporting errors To avoid wasting unnecessary working time
Backup power protection To prolong the life of the battery To save maintenance cost and battery consumption
Quality control To improve the reliability of mainframe To reduce maintenance costs and increase revenue
Human-oriented design Easy application To enhance operational efficiency and save time
Display Easy to understand unit operation. Nice circuit board Easy to operate
Simplified wire Easy to use 2 large slots for wiring To save time and labor for wiring

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