ECA Fire Pump Control Cabinet (UL FM Standard)

Manufacture: Mỹ
Product code: ECA

ECA Fire Pump Control Panel (UL FM Standard)
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Product information

Specifications of Fire Pump Control Panel ECA (UL FM Standard)

Tủ Điều Khiển Bơm Chữa Cháy ECA (Tiêu Chuẩn UL FM)

✅ Model: ECA

✅ Innovative Fire Pump Controller (EC Series)

✅ Capacity: 15,20,25,30

✅ Voltage: 20 = 200v, 60 hz

✅ Cabinet style: Single door (1 door)

✅ Weight: 123 kg - 180 kg

✅ Origin: USA

✅ Warranty: 12 months

✅ Standard: UL/FM EC Series enhances G4 . performance

• Nema, grade 12, sealed container

• 5.7 inch color touch screen display HMI

• Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet

• Waterproof adapter for Ethernet connection

• 8 programmable remote alarm relays

• 8 programmable machine inputs

• Consistent coating on all printed circuit boards

• Guaranteed against lightning

Tủ Điều Khiển Bơm Chữa Cháy ECA (Tiêu Chuẩn UL FM)

Feature Description ECA Fire Pump Control Cabinet (UL FM Standard)

++++Standard Features Starting sequence

● Remote start / Deluge - normally closed Auto Stop

●Automatically check solenoid valve

● Manual pressure drop test button

● Highland delayed start

●Manual, non-automatic operation

● Lock when authorized by AHJ

● 22mm mechanical start/stop button

● Motherboard in steel chassis with latch connector

● DC breaker circuit breaker

● Mechanical and electrical interlock on MCO, MCY and MCT Models

● Isolation switch and circuit breaker are mounted vertically for safe separation

+++ Visual and audible alarms

• AC error

• Low AC voltage

• CB Trip (requires SP1 or SP2)

• Don't start

• Load dump

• Lockout

• Low discharge pressure

• Low suction pressure(83LT)

• Low Zone Start (Demand Enabled)

• Motor overload

• Overvoltage

• Revert phase

• Smart stage

• Factory trouble Alarm 1-8

• Pump running

• Single phase running

• Probe error

+++ On the toggle controller:

• Normal position

• Normal power supply

• Emergency location

• Emergency electricity

+++ Remote voltage control

• Running pump (2 sets)

• AC error

• Revert phase

• System problems

• Low start

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