US UL Booster Pump Control Cabinet

Manufacture: Mỹ
Product code: US UL Booster

American Booster Pump Control Cabinet UL : U.L. Simplex, Duplex & Triplex motor controllers are designed to automatically start and stop pump motors in a wide range of applications including Booster, Wastewater and, USA Made Rainwater Overpass Pump-Advanced Technology -
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Product information

Standard features American booster pump control cabinet UL

Tủ Điều Khiển Bơm Tăng Áp Mỹ UL/

Disconnect with door interlock 120 volts fused transformer Program logic control Contactors with O/L protection Auto-off selector switch System pressure switch Low suction pressure switch alarm with silent PB Turn on the light Pump runs light Low pressure indicator light Optional features American booster pump control cabinet UL A9

- System high pressure switch and alarm & light A10 - High suction pressure switch and alarm & light A11

- System low pressure switch and alarm & light A12

- Remote alarm contact A13 - O/LO trip alarm A14

- Terminals for remote mounted pressure switches A15

- Silence indicator A16

- High water temperature switch alarm circuit A17

- Pump failure alarm CS1

- Current sensor C1

- Circuit breakers instead of fuses DR1 - Duplex Receptory w/ Ground Fault E4 - Nema 3R / 4 siege E4XA - NEMA 4X . Anti-Corrosion Coating E4XB - NEMA 4X . Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel E12 - Nema 12 siege FS1

- Failed to start light HMI

- PLC Display Module

Tủ Điều Khiển Bơm Tăng Áp Mỹ UL/


H2 - Space heater with thermostat

LL - Manual selection switch / Lag

LVM - Low Voltage Monitor

L2 - Three-phase surge arresters

MC - PLC memory box

M1 - Elapsed time meter

PLC - Programmable Logic Controller

PM - Phase monitoring

PS4 - Tank Pressure Switch

PS6 - Compound low suction pressure switch

PST - Pressure Transducer

RA - External overload reset push button

RTC - PLC Real Time Clock

STR - Red alarm light

WW - Wastewater (Floating System)

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