Conventional 5-zone fire alarm control panel YF-3

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YF-3

⭐normal fire alarm cabinet, normal fire alarm panel, fire alarm control panel , Input power : 230V AC 50/60 HZ ± 10% , Circuit voltage : 24 V DC operating voltage below 10 ~ 11V DC 32mA , Impedance : Below 50Ω , Price of Yun Yang fire alarm center : 0917.911.114


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Product information


Model YF-3
Type Normal fire alarm cabinet
Installation Wall-mounted style
Power 230V AC 50/60 HZ ± 10%
Battery backup 24 V DC
Charging voltage Under 26V DC 450mA, trickle charge
Impedance  Dưới 50Ω
Device limit There is no limit to conventional fixed temperature or rise temperature probes
Up to 30 photoelectric smoke detectors can be connected per zone (current monitoring for detectors: 24V DC 40μA)
EOL . resistor 10.000
pepper index  Same as zone number (LED indicator)
Number of bells Like the number of zones
Color Red
Knot Button
Button  Flame retardant ABS shell (up to 24L only)

Main sound

Mono audio (above 85 dB for 1m distance)
Alarm sound No voltage NO contact; capacity 250V AC / 7A
Certificate CE


Number of loops 1L / 2L / 4L / 5L / 8L 12L / 16L 20L / 24L
Size (H × W × D) 330 × 280 × 120 mm 400 ×300 × 120 mm 495 × 300 × 120 mm

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