CHFIRE Two Way Breeching Inlet for Fire Fighting

Manufacture: CHfire
Product code: CH20-04

CH20-04 model is an Inlet breeching valve is installed at ground level to provide a connection to the water supply. The system is usually dry and charged by the fire brigade in an emergency. DRV008 has 2 inlets which are 2 ½” male instantaneous connections to BS336 and fitted with non-return valves, a 1” drain valve, caps and chains. 2 way inlet breeching valves can be installed in the vertical or horizontal position.


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Product information


● Body: Cast Iron

● Inlet Adaptor:Cooper Alloy To BS12163:2011

● Non-return Valve:Cooper Alloy To BS12163:2011

● Chains:Stainless Steel

● Cap:ABS Plastic

● Gate Valve:Cooper Alloy

● Hook:Brass

CHFIRE Two Way Breeching Inlet for Fire Fighting


Name CH20-03 2 way breeching inlet
Test Pressure 24 Bar
Gate Valve 1" male W/cap
Outlet 4" BS4504, BS10D Table D
Inlet 2"x2.5" BS336 Male Inst.


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