CHfie, pillar fire hydrant

Manufacture: CHfire
Product code: CHfie

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:CHFIRE

Model Number:VNT-05 fire hydrant, SS100/65/80-1.6

Product name:Pillar fire hydrant

Pillar Hydrant Body Material:Cas Iron/coppper

Landing Valve Material:Brass

Inlet Size:100mm or 150mm

Outlet Size:65mm (2.5")

Running Pressure:1.6 MPa

Testing Pressure:2.4 MPa



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Product information

We are manufacturer and always supplying pillar fire hydrant With Best Price, high quality and regular basis.

CHfie, pillar fire hydrant

Specification of  pillar fire hydrant

1) Size: DN80, DN100.

2) Work pressure: PN16.

3) Material: ductile iron, cast iron

4) Color: blue color,black color,red color,gray color,etc.

Name Model Type Parameters Raw Material
Fire Hydrant SS100/65-1.6 Freeze-proof and thicken

Height: 1410mm

weight: 82Kg

Body: HT200 (corrosion prevention)

Valve rod: cast steel

Nut: copper

SS150/80-1.6 Freeze-proof and thicken

Height: 1530mm

weight: 165Kg


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