Catalog throat waiting to refill the letter Y Shilla

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-36A,SL-33,SL-33M,SL-36S,SL-35S,SL-36,SL-35,SL-3

SL-36A, SL-33, SL-33M, SL-36S, SL-35S, SL-36, SL-35, SL-36AF
⭐ , Y-throat is connected to a fire-resistant water cylinder for up to two or three vehicles fire hydrant and fire hydrant , For the fixed pipeline, the pipeline is flanged , and the moving line is made of fire screw.


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Catalogue họng chờ tiếp nước chữ Y Shilla

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model Inlet size Outlet size Cấu tạo Áp suất thử Remarks
SL-33 FE65(F) X 2EA 4” FLANGE Đồng & C.S 2 Mpa Họng chữ Y
SL-36S FE65(M) Hợp kim
SL-36 FE100(M) Đồng hoặc hợp kim
SL-36A PT 4”(F) Đồng
SL-36AF 4” FLANGE Đồng & C.S
SL-33M 4” FLANGE FE65(M) X 2 Đồng & C.S
SL-33S FE65(F) FE65(M) X 2 Hợp kim
SL-35 FE100(F) FE65(M) X 2 Hợp kim


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