Argonite Ig55 fire suppression system

Manufacture: Xingjin
Product code: QMDY30 / 80

Cylinder volume:80L
✔️ Extinguishing model: Flood attached , Agent:IG55 (50% Nitrogen, 50% Argon) , Work pressure:30MPa ,Color:RedMax ,Work pressure: 36.6 MPa , Min. Working pressure:27MPa ,System starting mode:Automatic electric,, Manual electric ,Mechanical emergency starter , Brand:Xingjin , Certification:CAL, CMA, CNAS, ILAC-MRA , CCC , Model Number:QMDY30 / 80


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Inert gas is suitable for extinguishing fires in enclosed rooms. Inert gas extinguishes a fire by diluting the oxygen concentration in the air to a level that cannot support combustion. The oxygen content in the air is about 21%. To create an atmosphere that can extinguish a fire, the oxygen level must be reduced to less than 15%. When 50 & Inertgas are put the enclosure, the oxygen level usually drops to 12.5%. The bonding gases are especially suitable for extinguishing fires in flammable liquids and gases, known as Class B fires. Gases Inert is also capable of extinguishing surface fires in Class A fires, fires involving paper, textiles, etc. Fires deep in Class A materials are an ever-present problem. Fires involving “oxygen” “bleeding” products cannot be extinguished with inert gas.

IG55 is a gas mixture consisting of 50 & Argon and 50% Nitrogen. The product is sold under various trade names such as Argonite or Nitrogon. IG 55 is listed in all international and national standards for Inertgases such as NFPA and ISO.


STT Descriptions Specifications
1 Pressure 30MPa
2 Model QMDY30 / 80
3 Capacity 80Ltr
4 Diameter Φ267mm
5 Height 1770mm ± 10 
6 Activation time ≤120 second
7 Size source DC24V / 1.6A
8 Nitrogen pressure 6,0 ± 1,0MPa (20 ℃)
9 Temperature  0 ~ 50 ℃
10 Max pressure 36,6MPa
11 Min pressure 27MPa


Computer room, telecommunications room, transformer room, power switching and distribution room, generator room, filter tank, drying equipment, spray booth, electrical tool room, control center, library, archives, treasures of cultural relics, etc.


1. Compared with the traditional 15MPa system, the 30MPa system saves 25% -50% of the volume of the fire extinguisher.

2. It effectively reduces the floor area between the pillars and improves the overall use value and utilization rate of the building.

3. Continuous low pressure release of 6MPa reduces the cost of piping and components for the entire system.

4. 6MPa continuous release pressure provides more durable and efficient pressure, with transmission distance up to 200 meters.

5. The whole system is released by low pressure, it will have less impact on site personnel, equipment and building structure, and it will be safer.

6. The external constant pressure relief device is only under pressure when the system is discharged, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance, effectively reducing the failure rate of the system.

7. After discharge, the system can be quickly put operation with simple disassembly and secondary filler without the need to replace any parts.

8. Reducing the opening area of ​​the air pressure relief port, directly reducing the input cost of the safety pressure reducing device, the installation and arrangement of the safety lock become simpler.

9. The IG55 fire suppression system can be widely used in critical places where quick response to fire is required. There are workers, unexpected fire and sensitive to chemical reactions in the protected area, the fire extinguishing system can effectively protect the safety of people and property.

Hệ thống ngăn chặn lửa Argonite Ig55

Hệ thống ngăn chặn lửa Argonite Ig55

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