Airfire Nitrogen Fire Extinguishing System

Manufacture: Airfire
Product code: Nitrogen Airfire

Airfire : Supply Nitrogen Gas Fire Extinguishing System Airfire
⭐ Nitrogen gas is recognized as 100% eco-friendly which is naturally available in the air we breathe , They are not toxic to humans , they does not release dangerous substances when exposed to fire, visibility is not impaired, there is no fog, and does not release residues after discharge.


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Product information


- Easy to refill - non-conductive

- High pressure filling, allowing cylinder position to be positioned risk protected.

- Can be configured to protect different risks with just one system.

- Visibility is not reduced when discharging.

- Accessibility to hidden fires.

⭐ ✅ Fire fighting mechanism

Cut off or dilute the oxygen source, reduce its concentration to less than 15%, extinguish the fire in 60 seconds.

Method of application

Since fire is prevented by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the air, which is achieved by increasing the concentration of the emitted inert gases, these gases can only be applied when fully submerged, requiring a minimum air tightness in room.

Typical hazards protected

Including but not limited to Data Centers, server rooms and general IT facilities, telecommunications, industrial risks, libraries, archives, museums, art galleries, quality archives Flammable liquid, transformer room.

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